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We offer laser cutting services for cutting the parts as per the customer’s need and drawings. We have TRUMPF Laser Cutting Machine with quality cutting of our own advanced production facilities.

  • Table Size–3000X 1500(mm)
  • SS N2(Nitrogen Cutting– 10 mm Thickness
  • SS O2 (Oxygen) Cutting –12 mm Thickness
  • MS O2 (Oxygen) Cutting–15 mm Thickness


Laser cutting has become the best dating website the necessity of every industry in today’s time and the industrial mobile app developers purpose of laser technology is perfect for prototyping with no tooling cost.The Laser Technology has some exceptional advantages which are as follows:

  • Less production cost per piece due to reduction in lead & set up time
  • No tooling cost as expensive – Jigs/Fixtures is not required
  • Changes in part design can be incorporated very easily and at a low cost
  • Less scrap due to consistent accuracy and absence of operator error
  • High level of specific output radiation
  • Excellent edge quality with Finish
  • Exactness & Repeatability
  • Fast working on complex shapes
  • Applicability to any types of materials
  • No post processing on jobs
  • No wear or breakage due to non-contact nature
  • Small heat affected zone
  • Low Distortion On Work Piece
  • Reduction in material waste: material saving by using nesting software
  • Ecologically Clean Technology
  • Low Cutting Noise
  • Suitable for prototyping, small volume production as well as production line integration, which lead to overall saving in cost,
  • Increases production efficiency and high accuracy in finished products


  • CNC Bending Machine: Boshart Europeon make
  • Bending Capicity 6MM MS -3 Mtr
  • 4MM SS -3 Mtr